Music Review – Sierra West's "Hold Your Fire"


Sierra West’s “Hold Your Fire” is a good listen.  Sierra has a very melodic voice; she rides the track easily with what sounds like little to no effort.  With the acoustic guitar as Sierra’s choice of instrument, it gives the album a live in concert feel.  The mixing is amazing.  Her voice comes through crystal clear on all the tracks.  Her music though is so mellow that I found myself forgetting that she was singing words and before you know it, the whole album has played.  I will have to listen to it a couple of times to get a good grasp on the actual lyrically content.  But it all sounds good.

Her album only has 5 tracks.  Not sure what that is about.  A demo?  I expect any album to have a good 10 tracks.  You don’t want the experience to be over before it’s time.  Her music is considered to fit in the folk genre.  I’m not an average folk artist listener but it’s good to see young faces because my assumption would be that folk music is for old folk.  Get it?  Folk music?  Old Folk?  (My interpretation of a joke LOL!)  With all that said, Sierra West’s “Hold Your Fire” is a good listen.