Movie Review – Coriolanus


I hated this movie and I don’t know why.  I watched it; had no idea the whole time what was going on.  I get there was this guy, Caius Martius Coriolanus played by Ralph Fiennes who was just wreaking all kinds of havoc against Gerard Butler a.k.a. in this film as Tullus Aufidius.  I could squeeze out of the story line that the movie is based in Rome.  And that Coriolanus despises the citizens of Rome and that he is trying to exterminate them.?  I wasn’t sure if I should be placing a period at the end of that sentence to show my confidence of the statement or a question mark because I’m still confused.
The dialogue was the deal breaker here.  It seemed to be written in a Shakespearean style.  Meaning, it was complicated, overdone and so, so dramatic.  The movie watchers who would appreciate such dialogue probably will never see such a movie because they spend all of their time reading books and watching live plays with true authentic thespians!


Just as I thought!  After a few minutes of online research, this indeed is a screen play based off of a Shakespeare play.  I called it.  The only reason why I understand such screen plays as Othello and Romeo and Juliet is because the concepts have been played out for me over and over since grade school.  I have never even heard of Coriolanus before watching this movie.  So…