Move On Your Mission

Move On Your MissionMillions of people ask themselves the question “What is my purpose?” Even when we find our purpose we sometimes need a push in the right direction. That is where life coach experts Alexis Lior and Barnett Matthews come in pushing people towards their purpose. On August 17th at the Smyrna Community Center, they talked about how to live out one’s dreams in their workshop entitled Move on Your Mission.

The name speaks for itself. The event is intended to move people towards their goals. It was more than just a motivational speech, it was a boot camp designed to help participants identify their life purpose, set personal and professional goals for success and assist with initiatives to achieve those goals.

Author, radio personality, and career development consultant, Alexis Lior has firsthand knowledge of the difficulties of finding one’s purpose in life. She left a prosperous career in international trade to pursue her passion to help others. That passion manifested itself into her writing a book titled F.R.E.E., an acronym for Finally Release to Experience Expansion.

In the workshop she provides a guideline to help people reach goals and live out their purpose. She says the key aspect of finding your purpose is finding out what you are equipped to do. In other words, you must know and expand your natural attributes. The book thoroughly explains four phases: finally phase, release moment, experience and expansion. These phases relates to what people will experience finding their purpose which are further explained in the book. Alexis has 10 years experience with personal career development—which makes her qualified in finding one’s purpose. Her decision in living out her purpose led her to meet her very own life coach Barrett Matthews.

While Lior’s advice is more focused on purpose seeking, Barrett Matthews is action oriented. He started out as a broadcaster working for a top news station in New York City but quickly realized that this was not his true passion. He left this career and launched an entrepreneurial system thus creating the Employee to Entrepreneur (E2E) system, a program to help people become their own boss. The program is an action oriented approach where people are paid for reaching personal goals. This system is documented in a book Matthew wrote called Why Didn’t You Get It Done.

 The expertise of both coaches goes beyond the popular saying “write the vision down and make it plain.” Together these two life coaches are a force in the self-help field and are helping people accomplish their goals. Their personal experience, achievements, and books set up the platform for people to surpass stagnation and procrastination but the ultimate choice is yours to make.