Middle Class Matchmaker – Website Launch Party


It was a warm Friday evening in southwest Atlanta a very exclusive neighborhood in the Cascade area of Atlanta where Shae Primus held her re-launch party for her dating website Middle Class Matchmaker.

            The Middle Class Matchmaker is already full steam ahead and brags of previous soirees where singles come together to safely meet their online match. This night is all about the relaunch of the website. A big-mini bar, soul food i.e. gumbo, mac & cheese, cabbage, grits, cake, and music served as background to the party while singles mingled, ate , danced, talked and just hung out.

            Shae the owner and creator of the website was beautifully pleasant as she worked the room, giving smiles hugs and some advice on dating. She took the floor to talk about the dating website and its inception and where its headed. She asked for success couples/ stories in the group ad two coupe came up to discuss their experience with Middle Class Matchmaker. One couple is buying a house together, One coulple is getting married and another couple are meeting each other’s parents and decided to remain celibate until marriage.

            Middle Class Matchmaker is such a successful dating website catering to African Americans that Shae is planning a “multi-city” tour to promote the website and spread love. You can find this site at www.middleclassmatch.com or Facebook Middle Class Matchmaker.

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