Taste Of Atlanta 2012

The Taste Of Atlanta event was incredible.  The food, my goodness was delicious and there were sooo many options and venders from BBQ to rattle snake sausage.  In the wine tasting area, I must admit was my absolute favorite part of the taste. There were also plenty of exhibits showing different cooking techniques and how to prepare a variety of dishes.  And last but not least the free stuff i mean wow tons of free stuff from coupons to restaurants to gift bags to free samples of foods and desserts and t shirts from different sponsors. I would definitely go back again and again HAD A BLAST!!.


Scott Leysath a.k.a. The Sporting Chef is the brains behind the rattle snake sausage.  I guess if you can get used to eating chicken (since apparently everything tastes like it!), you can get used to eating rattle-snake sausage.  If you want to learn about cooking sporting game, he’s the man.



BBQ.  So many tastes.  Let me describe!  You had JCT and DBA as the main barbecue experts on deck but that didn’t limit any other restaurant from making barbecue dishes.  Before the Taste of Atlanta, I’d never heard of JCT or DBA before.  It’s great to have them at events like this because I was so open to a new place to eat some good ol’ BBQ.  Now JCT was a bit stingy; pub fries as the dish to taste!  Uh, I thought you were a BBQ joint.  Anyway, DBA was better.  Actually spare ribs to taste.  What made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside is when I noticed there were more than one gluten-free item on their menu.  How thoughtful to try and include everybody.

Now, I did say the drinking was the best part but uh…  I can’t say much more about it than that.  After a few, everything was just NICE.


I thoroughly enjoyed this event and look forward to it for years to come.  There’s nothing like food that can bring all walks of life together.