THE 9TH ANNUAL V-103/WAOK CAR AND BIKE SHOW: Cars, Community & Creativity



Cars, Community, & Creativity


When you think of cars and bikes you can imagine women and men, underneath cars, fixing them relentlessly and bikers looking cool, tough and menacing while relaxing on top of rides with two wheels.  Well, the 9th annual V-103/WAOK Car and Bike Show this past weekend, at the Georgia World Congress Center, would have given you this type of picture and much more.  This car and bike show showcased the extravagant vehicles and the coolest motorcycles of all kinds; I saw motorcycles whose sound system was louder than my Jeep Liberty, at its loudest, and a hummer that has eight TV’s inside were among the vehicles and bikes stuck in my head once I left.  There were celebrities, radio personalities, road athletes and lovers of cars all present at the 9th annual V-103/WAOK Car and Bike Show.  There were cars sitting right in front you that you will only dream of seeing that close in life, that you will only see in music videos and cars that cost at least one year of Harvard’s education.  That is the appeal of going to events that showcase cars and motorcycles upgraded because the average human being, like me, can experience some of these car pleasures that they might not ever see or have done to their own cars. 

The experience of being able to see how the attraction of cars, bikes, celebrities and influential racers brought families out to enjoy the day, it brought friends out, and color was diversified throughout the audience.  All different types of people were inside the Georgia World Congress Center and all enjoying the performances, all the cars, bikes, celebrities and radio personalities were putting on.   To go to an event and meet all types of people from all different walks of life was inspiring because we were all there to have fun, to enjoy the cars and to be in a creative environment with cars as the expression; it was great thing. 


I met a cute couple that color coordinated their outfit to match as they enjoyed their Saturday together, Worm and Heather…


Look at Heather’s shoes!%! ; She walked around all day in those heels going from car to bike to car to stage.  If you are distracted enough by the excitement of the day and artistic talent of the cars then any feet issues will be and can be ignored. 

The mountain dew crew were all having fun as kids and adults tried to make shots at the hoops spot and nobody can resist throwing around the basketball for fun and prizes-  there was a crowd there consistently throughout the day.  However, that constant work that the mountain dew crew had to deal with was not done without a bright smile.


The sponsors were having fun as the day wore on also, with all the give always and autograph signings the mood was great in the air and it was impossible to have a bad time.  Sponsors’ such as Mountain Dew, Butler Tires, US Marines, State Farm, DTLR, GME Sports Lounge & Grille, Harley Davidson of Clayton County, Verizon Wireless and Uptown Comedy Corner were representing in the Car & Bike Show, along with countless others. 

As soon as you walked into the venue you see V-103 on the left and WAOK on the right, both stations broadcasting live from the event, everyone had smiles on their faces and was enjoying the scene.  The atmosphere was lively, jumping and an all around good time.  V-103 radio personality, Egypt, is all smiles as she is on the radio along with Kenny Burns.


But let’s not forget that the main attraction was the cars and the bikes.  Now I did see some pretty amazing bikes, but I am not all into bikes as I was the cars.  I did take a photo on a bike, by a handsome young man, and the bike was smooth and blue one of my favorite bikes. 


But I mostly came to look at the crazy expensive vehicles that were present and to drool accordingly.  I saw some old school Chevy’s that were so creatively upgraded from factory level, to the Bugatti present on celebrity row that belonged to  T-Pain.


These cars are crazy gorgeous and everything that you could dream of if you owned a luxury vehicle, they are smooth, silky and enviable of anyone who looks at it.  Unless, you own a Hummer that has eight televisions inside, everything was custom made for your Hummer to go with your personal favorite colors down to the battery; I think everyone else would be jealous of me if I had that type of truck and would be fighting for ride around the block.  But since it is not me, but a man named Copeland who owns this Hummer; I am enviable of him and his interior Ostrich skin that is smooth to the touch.  Would you be able to pass this Hummer up???


He also has mirrors and pictures on the inside of the hood….


This is crazy right, look at the TVs’:   1 &2 the second one is folded up right above the big screen, which lies down by remote.             3 & 4 are on the sun-visors # 5 is in the center console.


And 6, 7 &8 are in the backseat headrests and in the ceiling right above the center.  So people in the back can watch something completely different than those in the front, there are multiple DVD players connected.   Copeland has Lamborghini doors on the front; 28’ inch chromed out orange and black rims, custom grill, and custom everything else.   This was one of those trucks that you have to show respect for because this takes time to perfect, this takes time to get quality work and time to make it your own.   This Hummer is what the car show is about; creativity at a car’s finest. 


Copeland says these are real diamonds…they are sparkling nice!


His colors in case you haven’t noticed are orange, black and chrome- a working theme.

 28 inches!!!


COPELAND and his orange/black/chrome, from top to bottom, 2003 Hummer- nice job!!!

These are the types of cars, trucks and bikes that were present at the 9th annual V-103/WAOK Car and Bike Show and this is one of the attractions that were available at the event this year; there were celebrities like Tyrese, who is sexy in person, the OMG girls, and many more.   This event brought all types of families, individuals, groups and society together; these events are for the community and promote togetherness, it was fun and I can’t wait until next year for the cars to be upgraded even more.