Movie Review: Taken 2

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This is not the edge of your seat thriller in which drew you in like its predecessor. The movie starts off a little slow, focusing on Bryan Mills’ (Liam Neeson) daughter Kim.  She has grown up and has a boyfriend, apparently, one that her father does not approve of.  It is also revealed that the retired CIA agent has been estranged from his wife. In an attempt to reconcile and escape the threat of an enemy, the family goes on vacation to Istanbul. In a nut shell, while in Instanbul, Mills’ and his wife are kidnapped, but this time, their daughter Kim has to save them.

In all, I feel that this movie was average. There was some great action scenes in which Mills’ had to fight several thugs, but overall it seemed like the same movie with a slightly different twist. I feel that this movie deserves one thumbs up for the action/fight scenes, but one thumbs down for the plot.