[MOVIE REVIEW] It Comes At Night

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It Comes At Night is a post-apocalyptic tale of suspicion and fear. An unknown affliction has spread across the world,forcing the film’s characters into extreme isolation. When a family of survivors is left with no other option but to let outsiders into their home, tensions rise and distrust begins to spread. This movie is intense. There are scenes that frustrate and discomfort the viewer which are only heightened by the film’s desolate and eerie atmosphere.

There are no heroes or villains – the story revolves around people struggling to survive in a harsh world where both the physical and psychological can lead to destructive results. While the film does hint at some supernatural elements, the story mainly focuses on the psychological effects that distrust can have on a group of people in unknown and frightening times. This movie is not for everyone, but those who enjoy intense, psychological mysteries with the sensation of dread will not be disappointed.