Movie Review: Madea Gets a Job


Director Tyler Perry hits the stage again with his latest play, Madea Gets a Job. Madea serves her court ordered community service hours at The Easy Rest Retirement Home, “where all hell is breaking loose.” In true Madea fashion, while observing the chaos behind the scenes, she puts in her input to bring correction and wisdom.

Carla played by Cheryl Pepsii Riley, is the manager of Easy Rest, an overcrowded retirement facility stocked full of characters. Dalia played by Tamar Davis, is a stressed out wife dealing with work and baby mama drama.  There are three main residential characters, Carson, played by Tony Grant, Ms. Barbara played by Chandra Currelly-Young, and Hattie played by Patrice Lovely. Ms. Hattie was left behind by her sister, Carson by his misdirected children, and Barbara by her manipulative children. When Mable “Madea” Simmons, played by Tyler Perry, gets to her assignment at Easy Rest she quickly learns shat she has her work cut out for her.

This is yet another great play by Mr. Perry. The only downfall I really found was that he had too many good character story lines to be able to fully address all of their issues, but those that were touched were touched well. Every play there is a character that is just as colorful and entertaining ad Madea with a powerhouse voice, and that was Ms. Hattie in this play. I honestly am not a huge fan of the number of songs that are in most stage plays but overall the ones from this play were enjoyable.  The counter to that was, there was a surprise concert at the end of the play, with all of the cast members doing a snippet of some great Blues, and R&B, where Mr. Perry himself sang a lead art in the New Edition song Can You Stand the Rain. I recommend this play to any and all stage play fans, young and old. I give this Tyler Perry play four out of five stars.