‘Like A Boss’ starring Tiffany Haddish [MOVIE REVIEW]

Popular Lifestyles Radio had the chance to preview ‘Like A Boss’ before it’s premiere, which is January 10th, 2020.

Tiffany Haddish stars in this ‘girlfriends’ movie alongside Rose Byrne. Tiffany & Rose play Mia & Mel in this funny comedy about friendship. Mia & Mel have been friends for 20 years and now own their own business together. They work together and they also live together in the home that Mia’s mom left them after she passed.

The situation: Mia & Mel’s beauty shop has a very popular product that Mia thinks is floating their business but to only find out later down the line that Mel has been hiding just how far behind in their business they really are. Then, in comes a very, very successful beauty mogul named Claire Luna, played by Salma Hayek, who would like to purchase their business and get the two besties out of debt. What would you do if a rich businesswoman you admire offers to buy your company and erase your debt? Sounds like a plan, right?

Like A Boss Movie Poster

Mel thinks so when Claire offers her and Mel an offer to buy 49% of their company. Mia is suspicious from the beginning but they go for it anyway, in the name of friendship. The girls don’t know that Claire has an ulterior motive to take their entire company and the rest of the movie plays out the shenanigans that happen when friends are not totally honest with one another!

The overall energy of the movie is light and funny. There are a few honorable mentions in regards to supporting characters. Billy Porter, who plays an employee of Mia & Mel, has one of the most memorable scenes in the whole movie. And, actress Natasha Rothwell (from HBO’s ‘Insecure’), brought her acting A-game to every scene she was in. Don’t go see this movie thinking you are about to have an intellectual experience that will have you thinking about the undertones of the movie for weeks after! But, you will enjoy this movie if you get with a group of your besties and decide to have a girl’s night out at the movies. Grab a cocktail (or mocktail for under 21!😂) ahead of time and have some fun!

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