The Women of Joseline’s Cabaret Season 2 on Zeus


Joseline’s Cabaret has returned to our screens to see the show being launched in Atlanta, following its previous series in Miami, Florida.

The everyday life of Joseline Hernandez is followed on The Zeus Network, as she puts together a cabaret show complete with performers.

Its second season is set to go behind the scenes of the stage, where some dancers are cast to return, and eight new members join the 2021 series.

We have the Josaline Cabaret: Atlanta season 2 cast line-up below – keep reading to meet each of the on-stage stars…


Lucky Hustla is a music artist and returning Joseline’s Carabet cast member.

She is also the CEO of health and beauty brand Cloverology Co.

The cabaret performer from the Miami-based series is in a relationship with Plainz ThaChef.


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Sapphire Eden is a returning Joseline’s Cabaret cast member.

The reality TV star has been described as “one of the most humble girls on the show” by a series fan.

She has several tattoos, including a snake on her left thigh, and is an advocate for living life to the fullest.


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Chanel Tso

Chanel, aka “Nunu”, is a model for Pressure Klothing.

The on-stage performer is a new cast member, but she tends to keep her busy off the stage, too – as she owns TSO Clean Housekeeping.

Originally from Compton, she is currently living in Houston.


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Big Lex

Big Lex is an artist from Columbia, South Carolina.

She has been recording music since she was a young child.

Having been influenced by Nicki Minaj, Trina, and Lil Kim, she has now become a cast member on Joseline’s Cabaret.




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Lexi Blow

Lexi, who appears to be a mom, is a performer for Joseline’s Cabaret.

She was seen in her virtual audition twerking, with a tattoo clearly seen across the back of both of her thighs.

Joseline said the performance was her “favorite”.




BossTec, from Atlanta, calls herself the “body paint queen”.

She states that she is a “celebrity public figure”, and is one of the new Joseline’s Cabaret cast members.

The World Star Queen quotes #CityGirlsTwerkChallenge25k in her bio.




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Mz Natural

Mz Natural is an entrepreneur and Joseline’s Cabaret dancer.

She is good friends with co-star Lucky Hustla, and is passionate about her performing career.

The Zeus Network star also appears to be close to her family.


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Yummie P

Yummie P is a 21-year-old performer from Long Beach, California.

During her audition, she told Joseline that there is no show without her.

The performer was seen with a huge fake bank note behind her, while she fought for her place in the show inside a mini hot tub.


Aqua is a dancer and performer, who has appeared in music videos.

She has featured in Rich Da Chris’ Maneno Yao, Ft AB Nabil music video.

The Joseline’s Cabaret cast member can also do freestyle dancing.

Barbie, who also calls herself “Blue Face Barbi”, is close to Bosstec.

From Miami, the new cast member is regularly pictured with expensive vehicles, such as Porsches, or even a jet ski.

The reality TV star is often seen in Massachusetts.


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