In Crazy White Folks News Amanda “Attention Slorin’” Bynes Lunges At Man Who Tried To Take A Picture Of Her

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Amanda Bynes lunged at a man she believed took a picture of her in the lobby of Atlantic City casino Revel.

Continuing her bizarre streak over the weekend, the former Nickelodeon child star chased Bobby Cohen around the lobby of the casino on Friday, demanding he hand over his iPhone.

Bobby, 56, a recruitment expert from Long Island, was there celebrating Father’s Day weekend with his son Brett when they randomly bumped into the actress wearing her trademark platinum wig and huge black sunglasses.

Brett, 22, a TV producer and comedian from Long Beach, said, “She ran into the lobby alone looking totally frazzled with a load of shopping bags and a bag to carry a dog. She tried to get into the elevator, but then came out again, so my dad thought he’d try and take a picture.

“Amanda saw him and lunged at Dad trying to grab the phone, saying, ‘Sir, you can’t take a picture of me, give me the phone.’ She kept saying it over and over again until she was screaming.

“My dad tried to walk away slowly, but she started following him, chasing him around the lobby, saying, ‘I need to see your phone now,’ she wanted to grab his phone and delete the picture. Finally, security stepped in and we managed to get away from her.

“Amanda seemed pretty freaked out and flustered. What she didn’t know was that Dad didn’t even get a picture of her, he missed and took a picture of the floor.”

The frazzled starlet was also spotted at Revel on Saturday night playing the slot machines accompanied by a white dog and wearing a dress with the security tags still attached.

She continued with her bizarre tweets: “If you’re not hot, I don’t care about you.” And even more puzzling, “You get turned on, but what you are not by what you’re not.”

Meanwhile, she reportedly claims her bizarre behavior is all an act. “All this has been an act and you know it!” Bynes allegedly texted a friend. “I am an actress, and know what I am doing . . . I got to 2 million followers, and now everyone wants me,” Bynes added. “I am smart and not stupid. Everyone mentions my name. The world loves me!”

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