Divorce Or Nah? LHHATL’s Rasheeda Couples Up With Ain’t Isht Hubby Kirk After He Accuses Her Of Cheating And Demands An Abortion

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Looks like Rasheeda is staying with Kirk for better or worse…

Rasheeda Stays With Kirk Despite Demanding An Abortion

Via Straight From The A reports:

What better “drama” is there than a husband asking his WIFE to have an abortion?

There are also several other extenuating circumstances which lead many to believe that Kirk and Rasheeda are merely keeping up the drama to stay employed.

They have also been seen together around town but rarely posts photos together like they have been known to do in the past.

For example…. Rasheeda and Kirk both visited Kirk’s daughter yesterday for Father’s day, but only Rasheeda posted a pic with their grandson.


Kirk and Rasheeda didn’t post any photos together to keep the reality drama rumor-mill going but he did post a compilation pic that his daughter made thanking him for being a wonderful father, including Rasheeda…


Kirk still some ‘splaining to do. What type of beyotch made fool asks his wife to terminate their baby? Hit the flip to see what Kirk has to say about pressuring Rasheeda to get an abortion next!

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