Music Review – 2 Hot Pop Singles by Eri L. of Comradery Records

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An upbeat, young lady emerges in the pop music scene, fitting the total pop music package Eri L presents herself as a young versatile artist. Being signed to Comradery Records, Eri L has given her fans a chance to see her fully show her talents. “Come Alive” is a cool, airy track with the the ultimate summer vibe, not to mention the summer beach scenes shot by Jimmy J in the singles video. When it comes to Eri L i guess you can expect an creative video shot by the likes of Jimmy J, or Wes Miller. Wes Miller who also filmed another one of Eri L’s singles titled “Let it go” fully executed a female dealing with a pointless relationship. Rather the lyrics were more “let go of the relationship” or “let go of situations” it clearly is a feel good track that gives off a sense of prosperity and overcoming tough obstacles. If she actually writes her own lyrics I commend her for knowing so well how much emotion goes into thriving.

With some deep rooted electronic instrumentals, I think Eri L can tap into that soulful music I know she can make. Maybe a feature with the Beiber would elevate the intensity in her music. Also having Both singles available to purchase online I think her buzz will grow regardless, just because her voice is enjoyable to vibe to. Everything else in Eri L’s package is a total bonus, shes got Beach fun style hands down, an if you have watched the two videos she has a bubbly personality which is always beneficial.

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