[MOVIE REVIEW] Til Death Do Us Part

O.M.G. where do I start? The movie was awesome!!

Shout out to Marques Houston for producing such a twisted thriller! It definitely had me at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, waiting to see how it would all pan out. So let’s jump right into it…

It started out all romantic and sweet with newlyweds Michael (Stephen Bishop) and Madison (Annie Llonzeh) in this FABULOUS house who seems to have it all together. Madison is anxious to start a family while Michael is pretty much just going with the flow. With all the love making in play the couple was hoping to get pregnant (so we thought). Madison later discovers Michael is taking injections to prevent him from being sterile and that’s when the roller coaster begins. Madison confronts Michael and his controlling ways start to surface.

I’m talking about this man was tripping over lemon not being in his water.. talking about controlling.. Madison had it bad.

Don’t want this review to become a spoiler so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. This movie is a must see also starring Taye Diggs, Malik Yoba and Robinne Lee. Be sure to check it out in theaters September 29th.

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