All About Tera Thomas on Tell us a little about your upbringing. Where you’re from? Family highlights? Education? Early motivations or aspirations as a child and/or teenager?

Tera: I was born in Detroit, Michigan by the age of 3 my parents moved the family to Richmond, Virginia. My dad is a Podiatrist and my mom his office manager. So growing up my parents expecting big things from me. My dad wanted me to follow in his footsteps of becoming a doctor but since the early age of 13 I knew I wanted to be in front of the camera.

When I was 13 my mom made me enter a Beauty Pageant and we were going on the Local public access channel to advertise the pageant and the producer asked me to host the show. He liked my natural talent and asked me to host the show from age 13- 18. I was able to interview such people as Queen Latifah, Boosty Coolins, Jermaine Dupree, Naught by Nature, Fat Boys, etc. That sparked my desire to be in front of the camera. I attended George Mason University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in  Persuasive/Political Communication By definition TNT is best known as a useful explosive material with convenient handling properties. What make you explosive as a personality and person and what are some of your best handling properties?

Tera:Well TNT is actually my initials. I believe it is fitting because its like Boom when I enter the room. I am Bold, Dynamic & Charismatic.  My personality is explosive because many do not know how to take me. Either you really like me and can’t help but follow or you just can’t take me because you can’t grasp my power. Either way you feel me. What makes you suited to be regarded as a “Lifestyle Specialist”?  Qualifications, experiences etc.

Tera: I proclaim myself to be a Lifestyle Specialist/Guru because over the last 15 years I have been researching health/wellness/sustainable living. One of my passions in life is to make people healthier mentally, physically& spiritually. I have influenced many people to change their lifestyle for the better. To the public, what is TNT (Tera Nikki Thomas) best known and appreciated for? How do you plan to use this notoriety/perception to enhance lifestyles?

Tera: I believe I am best known for the daily inspirational vitamins that I plant everyday via my daily life, twitter & my blog IDIBBLEDABBLE.COM which is currently under construction I am aware that I am on this earth on purpose and everyday I am using my platform to help people become more purposeful and passionate. I would love for my platform to get bigger so I can try to show people that you can be Bold & Beautiful while being a vessel for Jesus. Describe two (2) monumental moments in your life, HIGH & LOW, that have had the most profound influences and helped shaped your life today?

Tera: A low point that happened that actually manifested into my high point occurred in 2001 when I felt I hit Rock Bottom. I was young, engaged & 3000 miles away from my family and I thought I had everything that would make me happy but I was miserable. I believed in GOD but I didn’t have a Relationship with him. I had no one else to turn to but JESUS and since then my life has been on the up and up ever since.  My High point occurs everyday cause when I look back from what I came from I can’t help but jump up in joy for where GOD is taking me. What accomplishment to date as a lifestyle specialist are you most proud of?

Tera: I am proud that I know that I am totally being the person that GOD has created me to be I am naturally attracting people to my platform without having to be notorious. I do not have to leak a sex tape or expose myself for people to want to listen & learn from me. I love receiving tweets about how my inspiration is empowering others. I live for that. Who or what have influenced you or provided you with the most inspiration on your current journey?

Tera: GOD is my number one inspiration. I also enjoy the messages from Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Dale Bronner & Tupac Shakur How do you intend on making TNT’s explosion felt throughout the world?

Tera: I intend on making my explosion felt by using my platform to empower, educate & inform. I want to create a successful brand that people will believe in and know that is it something that will change their lives for the best. What defines you as a “SAVED” woman of God?

I am saved from doing the things that I used to do that made the devil happy. I am not perfect. No human being is but I am working for the kingdom of GOD now and in that I am out here in this world trying to save other souls. What defines you as a “SEXY” woman of God?

Tera: I believe what makes me sexy is because you can see GOD all over me if you take your fleshly eyes out and look within your spirit. GOD blessed me as a Voluptuous  woman but my true gift is my mind not my body. That is the sexy part. Many of your family, friends and associates recognize you under the moniker of “ThugLifeTera” – Who is “ThugLifeTera” – personality, beliefs, etc.

Tera: I am a huge Tupac fan. Tupac in my opinion was a movement he was an imperfect being that struggled openly between light and dark. He was a poet, a speaker & a musician but most importantly he was a teacher. I understand what his “ThugLife” movement was about, he was trying to empower the inner city communities and he sparked my brain to want to carry on his legacy. As a Lifestyle Specialist, what are three (3) things you wish to instill within peoples to improve quality of mind and life?

  1. You were created for a unique, specific purpose and that is what you should spend your daily life figuring out and implementing
  1. If you spent your time focused on your purpose you wouldn’t have time to focus on others drama.
  2. Take care of your health. Workout, Eat properly, make sure you work out your mind and body to stay in optimal health. In the end, your impact on society will be?

Tera: Someone that people can look up to and say that she didn’t just speak it, but she lived it. A purposeful person that tried to empower everyone that crossed my path. Someone more concerned with making JESUS Famous than myself