Pusha T Calls The Breakfast Club About His Drake Diss

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Pusha T Breaks Down “Story Of Adidon,” Says Drake Got What Was Coming Once He Said His Fianceé’s Name, “All Bets Are Off Because Of That”

Pusha T Calls The Breakfast Club About His Drake Diss

If you were feeling bad for Drake after Pusha T dropped “Story of Adidon,” you shouldn’t — at least that’s what Pusha T says. The rapper called into “The Breakfast Club” Wednesday to break down his bars and explained why he snapped.

When asked by the Power 105.1 morning team if he felt badly at all about the verbal assault (and photo exposure) of Drizzy, Pusha told the crew that once Drake said his fianceé, Virginia Williams’ name.

“All bets are off because of that,” Pusha told The Breakfast Club.

He went on to discuss the photo he’d used for the song after Angela Yee asked where he got the artwork.

“The picture came from a site, it was a photographer named David Leyes. I guess Drake took the pictures a little while ago. They said it was his idea, what to do.”

Charlamagne then said that it’s likely Drake will be questioned about the photo wherever he goes now.

“I need to understand what makes you take a picture like that,” Pusha agreed and when the trio added that the baby lines will also continue to haunt Drake, Pusha agreed with that as welll.

“Even the baby thing is a little crazy. Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit?” Push asked.

Envy, Angela and Charlamagne asked Push to further explain the Adidas situation and he had this to say:

“The Adidas situation is this. His new line on Adidas is called Adidon — the line is named after his child Adonis. We don’t know, we just know that we couldn’t know until he sold a sweatsuit.”

Angela then brought up how today is World MS Day, making the lines about Noah “40” Shehib that much more impactful.

Coincidentally… tomorrow is World MS Day. https://t.co/5ms9IJwV86

— Noah Shebib (@OVO40) May 30, 2018

But Pusha remained unfazed.

“Ah man, that’s ironic. Listen man, I’m just here man, I’m here for the sport of it but when it gets too personal it gets too personal.”

When asked if he had any regrets or had censored himself at all Pusha said “Not at all. I’m not censoring myself, that’s just more content later.”

This battle really could go on and on! Mind you, Pusha isn’t fearful about what Drake may say about him next.

“I’m a tell y’all like this,” Pusha said. “I don’t have any skeletons. I’m not gonna bully the situation but I think it’s bigger questions than the things I brought up and I really feel like they need to be answered. That’s really how I feel. I’m not gonna excuse you talking multi million dollar talk to me while you are tucking a baby. I don’t even talk to my friends who have child support issues. I’m big on kids. That’s just real. You can’t hang out with me and ball with me. That’s real.”

When talk returned to the blackface photos Pusha continued to question Drake’s judgment.

“Listen cuz to me, I feel like this wasn’t so long ago,” Push told The Breakfast Club. ” Have you just started recognizing your blackness? How could you not have felt some type of way doing that photoshoot? It’s deep. I need to know.”

Angela Yee then asked if Pusha knows for sure that Drake has actually fathered a baby, to which he responded, “Angela Yee, we done already tap danced around the ghostwriting, we not tap dancing around no baby.”

Charlamagne jumped in to say, “We not tap dancing at all because we not wearing no blackface.”

“And that’s a fact!” Pusha added.

The interview also shed some light on alleged Drake ghostwriter Quentin Miller, who has been collateral damage in several Drake related beefs.

“I talked to Quentin last night,” Pusha told TBC. “For real for real, that is the one regret that I have about “Infrared.” Quentin is extremely talented and he’s trying to get his career on and trying to move on and I feel like I sort pulled him back in it. But I feel like that was just a casualty. For him, in turn I’ve tried to help him, reach out to agents and managers and I’ve seen how people react to his name. That’s one thing that’s bothersome. He was like, ‘You know I’m trying to duck that.’

As the interview came to a close Charlamagne cautioned Pusha, “Don’t sleep on Aubrey Push, don’t sleep, stay alert.”

“Bruh,” Push replied, “I’m wide awake.”

Are you loving this rap battle or do you think they’re going too far?