“Heart of A Woman” by GregAlan Williams [AUDIOBOOK]


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About the Book: After a lifetime of betrayal, Mrs. Stone is finished…but not quite done. To survive, she must destroy her husband’s young mistress, enlist a murderer to catch a blackmailer, and, in exchange for more than a million dollars, seduce a magnificent man of God. For twenty years, Mrs. Stone has protected the Motown family. Now, she must use the secrets in her notorious notebook to save herself and heal her heart. HEART OF A WOMAN breathlessly probes the depths of grown-up love, men’s fear of intimacy, and the loving possibilities that await every woman’s heart. Nearly forty and flawless, the novel’s central character, Jimi Stone, is a woman of unique gifts– a polio survivor with the ability to hear the hearts of strangers — a compassionate and powerful woman, courageous enough to protect and, sometimes, punish the people she loves. Shocking, thought-provoking, sensual, and provocative, Heart is set against the backdrop of Motown in its prime and filled with vital, fascinating, characters, both, familiar and new. Shrewdly spiritual, Heart spans four decades and three generations of triumphant African-American women. Williams gift for capturing voice, nuance, and people is exceptional. For the discerning adult reader, Heart of a Woman guarantees a captivating mix of laughter, drama, and, remarkable storytelling.