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    [NEW MUSIC ALERT] Goodie Mob “Survival Kit” Listening Party in Atlanta – November 2020

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    In celebration of their new album, Goodie Mob hosted their release party in Atlanta at the Gallery Wish.

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    [NEW MUSIC ALERT] 3x Platinum Grammy-Nominated R&B Artist, Will Jordan Drops new music and video

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    Releasing a project during a pandemic and with the current state of the black community may seem like a strange choice to some.

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    [Tune-In Alert] CLEO TV’S New Soul Kitchen is burning with flavors with Chef Bren Herrera

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    This week, the chefs are creating flavorful favorites for viewers to try at home.

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    Ray J Stars in a New Show “Pump” on UrbanFlixTV.com

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    When trainer, Sean Ford gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he leaves his job high and dry as his POWER PUNCH videos transform him from Fitness Trainer into “Fitness God.”

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    Brandy – Baby Mama (feat. Chance the Rapper)

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    “It takes a village to raise em’, we don’t do it all by ourselves…This song ain’t just for me, it’s for every mama yeah…Every day I breathe it’s for my little mama…I’m every woman and a baby mama.” ~ Brandy

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    Nurse Quits After Being Assigned To A CoronaVirus Floor

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    Would you quit your job in the healthcare system if you are assigned to work with Coronavirus?

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